Surveillance Tradecraft

surveillance_tradecraftThis surveillance training book has been compiled by ISS Training Ltd as the ultimate guide and reference book for the surveillance operative. There is no other comparable book available in the world today in relation to covert surveillance training.

This book will guide you through the process of carrying out covert surveillance whether you are on foot, by car, public transport or in a static rural or urban location.The book also teaches the aspects of digital photography using long range lenses and incorporates surveillance detection by Anti and Counter Surveillance methods.

Surveillance Tradecraft is recommended reading for the IQ Level 4 Award & Certificate in Covert Surveillance Operations and the Level 3 Award in Professional Investigations. It is a must for anyone considering carrying out surveillance, intelligence or investigative training.

The manual contains 470 pages with 2000 colour photographs and graphics.

Surveillance Tradecraft by Peter Jenkins ISBN-13: 978 09535378 22

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Surveillance Tradecraft is read by those operating in the security and enforcement sector.

  • Surveillance Operators
  • Private Investigators
  • Close Protection Officers
  • Security Consultants
  • Enforcement Officers
  • Police Officers
  • Corporate Security Teams
  • Military Intelligence Units
  • Special Operations Forces
  • Security Guards
  • Investigative Journalists
  • Intelligence Officers
  • Surveillance Trainers
  • Close Protection Trainers

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